Latin America

The main goal of our Latin America engagement is setting up a network of Catholic scientists/academics and institutions of higher learning. We aim at fostering international academic exchange and close cooperation between the Latin American and German churches. At the same time, KAAD understands its scholarship program as a contribution to strengthen civic society and to the “Option for the Poor” of Latin American churches. Countries of major focus are Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil.

KAAD is firmly rooted in the academic and church lives of many countries which can be seen in the activities of partner committees, alumni-associations and the cooperation with church and state universities (convenios). KAAD-Alumni are engaged in social projects, organize academic seminars, and publish their own journals. Through such activities highly-qualified and socially conscious laypeople guarantee that KAAD is actively present in Latin American societies and regional churches.

Young Catholic academics who are envisioning to do post-graduate studies in Germany and who share our mission in Latin America are welcome to fill out the questionnaire form and to mail it either to the corresponding partner committee or to Dr. Thomas Krueggeler, Head, Latin America Department (Krueggeler(at)

Our Partner in LA:


Prof. Dr. Silvia del Luján Di Sanza
Consejo ICALA / KAAD
Buenos Aires

Prof. Dr. Juan Dorando Michelini
Consejo KAAD
Casilla de Correos 315
5800 Rio Cuarto


Inés Soruco Deiters
KAAD Bolivia
La Paz


Conselho KAAD
Prof. Dr. João Francisco de Abreu
Av. Dom José Gaspar, 500 – Predio 1
30535-970 Belo Horizonte

Prof. Dr. Draiton de Souza
Conselho KAAD Porto Alegre
Av. Ipiranga 6681, C.P. 1429
90619-900 Porto Alegre

Dr. Artur H.G.B. da Cunha
Conselho KAAD Recife
Rua Francisco Alves 326
50050-900 Recife-PE


Prof. Dr. Enrique Muñoz
Consejo KAAD


Prof. Luis Carlos Henao de Brigard
Consejo KAAD
Pontificia Universidad Javeríana


Dra. Patricia Carrera
Consejo KAAD Ecuador
Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador


Prof. Herbert M. Álvarez
Consejo KAAD
Universidad Rafael Landivar


Dr. V.M. Pérez Valera
Consejo KAAD
Univ. Iberoamericana
Prol. Paseo de la Reforma 880
Lomas de Santa Fe
01210 México


Dr. Gerardo Gomez Morales
Consejo KAAD
Ytororö 804 e./B. Caballero


Prof. Dr. Álvaro Ezcurra
Consejo KAAD
Pontifícia Universidad Católica del Perú