Book Presentation in Colombia: Peace, Reconciliation and Transnational Justice in Colombia and Latin America

On November 14th, 2018 the book „Paz, Reconciliación y Justicia Transicional en Colombia y América Latina.“ (“Peace, Reconciliation and Transnational Justice in Colombia and Latin America”) published by KAAD alumni José Hernán Muriel C. and Mariella Checa and Head of the Latin America Department, Dr. Thomas Krüggeler, was presented by KAAD and the university’s own publishing house “Editorial PUJ” at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (PUJ) in Bogota. The presentation took place in the presence of the principal P. Jorge Humberto Peláez P. S.J. and the procector for academic affairs Dr. Luis David Prieto M.

Dr. Luis David Prieto M., P. Jorge Humberto Peláez P. S.J. and Dr. Thomas Krüggeler

The publication is based on the results of an international conference on the same subject taking place at the Javeriana in 2016. It includes contributions from alumni from various Latin American countries and international experts (including KAAD Secretary General, Dr. Hermann Weber). Thomas Krüggeler started by drawing attention to the importance of such cooperation projects for the alumni networking of KAAD in Latin America. In a concise lecture, the political scientist and co-author Pedro Valenzuela (PUJ) also dealt with the current and extremely fragile situation of the peace process in Colombia. Hernán Muriel presented the structure of the collected volume and summarized his findings. The KAAD expert group “Peace and Justice” draws energy and enthusiasm from this successful project for its future work.