Future Prospects for the Youth in Jordan – Chances and Challenges – Workshop in Jordan

Young people in Jordan have to face many challenges when it comes to shaping their future. Even though Jordan’s youth strives for higher education (45% of a year group are enrolled at university or comparable institution in Jordan), the number of those who are unemployed after finishing their studies is very high – youth unemployment is around 30%.

On 16th November 2019, the current group of KAAD scholars undertaking their Master studies at a Jordanian university (as part of the Sur-Place – or Third-Country Scholarship Programme) as well as other KAAD alumni from these programmes met in the centre of Amman, in the premises of the German Jordanian University (GJU), to discuss the perspectives for young people in Jordan. In guided conversations, the 15 participants discussed their own educational situation and embedded it into a broader societal context.
Opportunities and challenges were reflected upon and solutions proposed. These will be presented and discussed on a larger scale at a regional seminar to which all alumni and partner will be invited. Currently, 12 KAAD scholars (2018: 10) in Jordan receive a scholarship of which eight are Jordanian, two Iraqi and two Syrian students; in Germany, there are currently three KAAD scholarship holders from Jordan (2018: 1).

The workshop aimed at bringing the scholars and new alumni of the DLS/SP programmes into contact with each other and at discussing the challenges for young people in Jordan. What is more, the participants were asked to prepare topic proposals for a regional seminar in Jordan. A joint lunch provided opportunity for further exchange.

The event was carried out as a part of a business trip to Jordan (14th to 19th November 2019) by Dr Nora Kalbarczyk, head of the Near and Middle East Department, during which the Jordanian KAAD partners were met and many one-on-one conversations with our scholarship holders were held. The vitality of the Jordanian KAAD network became visible once again.