Every year the annual report, the annual program and the documentation of the presentation during the annual convention are published. Furthermore, some international conferences as well as journals of the Alumni-Associations are published. The current annual report can be ordered for free via zentrale(at)

Archive of General Publications

Annual Reports


  • John Kabutha Mugo, Proscovia Namubiru-Ssentamu and Mukirae Njihia (Hg.): The Good Education & Africa’s Future – Concepts, Issues and Options. Nairobi 2019; 271 S. ISBN: 9966-60-140-7
  • Marko Kuhn (Hg.): Development Needs Change – How Can Change Be Achieved? Bonn 2017; 109 S. ISBN: 978-3-926288-34-9
  • Marko Kuhn (Hg.): Facing Afrika´s future in a Global Era. The Power of Higher Education and Research. Bonn 2011; 123 S. ISBN: 978-3-926288-33-2, EUR 5,00
  • Worlds Apart: Local and Global Villages. Nairobi 2004. ISSN: 1681-5890, EUR 6,50
  • Kossi J. Toussou. Erdhafte Inkulturation. Beiträge zur Afrikanischen Theologie (Reihe Afrika, Bd. II) Bonn, 1999; 151 S. ISBN: 3-926288-15-9, EUR 6,50
  • Human and Economic Development. The Importance of Civil Society and Subsidiarity. Auslandsakademie Ghana 1998 (Reihe Afrika, Bd. III) Bonn, 2000; 142 S. ISBN: 3-926288-17-5, EUR 6,50


  • Hermann Weber: Change Agents for Civil Society and Church in Myanmar: The Role of KAAD-Alumni; Vortrag im Rahmen des KAAD-Alumnitreffens in Myanmar, November 2012.
  • Hermann Weber: „Wissenschaftsmarkt und Wissenschaftskultur: Der Mehrwert des internationalen Austauschs am Beispiel von Vietnam und Deutschland“; Vortrag im Rahmen der KAAD-Auslandsakademie in Vietnam, 2010.
  • Migration zwischen sozialem Konflikt und Ressource – Internationale Perspektiven und das Fallbeispiel China, Bonn 2007; 174 S.ISBN: 978-3-926288-31-8, EUR 8,00
  • Myanmar. Bildung und Entwicklung in einem multiethnischen Staat. Bonn 2007; 128 S.ISBN: 978-3-926288-29-5, EUR 7,00
  • An der Schwelle. Gesellschaft und Religion im Transformationsprozess Chinas. Bonn, 2005; 146 S. ISBN: 3-926288-26-4, EUR 8,00
  • Südostasien: Religion – Kultur – Bildung. Bonn 2001; 171 S. ISBN: 3-926288-20-5, EUR 6,50

Latin America

  • Asociación Ecuatoriana de Exbecarios Católicos en Alemania: Covid: Su Influencia en el Sistema Educacional Latinonoamericano. AEBCAMagazin Año 15, Nr. 15. Quito 2020.
  • José Hernán Muriel Ciceri, Mariella Checa und Thomas Krüggeler (Hg.): Paz, reconciliación y justicia transicional en Colombia y América Latina. Bogotá 2018; 314 S. ISBN: 978-958-781-274-9
  • José Luis Luna Bravo, Adrian E. Beling und Ana María Bonet de Viola (Hg.): Pluralismo e interculturalidad en América Latina en tiempos de globalización. Buenos Aires 2016; 298 S. ISBN: 978-987-1982-76-9
  • Hermann Weber: La memoria colectiva en procesos de justicia transicional y reconciliación; Eröffnungsvortrag im Rahmen der internationalen Konferenz in Bogotá, Februar 2016.
  • Luiz Carlos Bombassaro, Thomas Krüggeler und Ricardo Timm de Souza (Hg.): Democracia e Inclusão social. Porto Alegre 2009; 263 S. ISBN: 978-85-7430-815-9

Near and Middle East

Eastern Europe

Materials of the Annual Conventions

Before all technology, language was the original medium for understanding the world and for social interaction. Since biblical times, linguistic diversity has stood for the division of humanity as well as for the promise of “Pentecostal” unity. In times of globalization, tendencies towards uniformity – and loss of linguistic “biodiversity” – go hand in hand with identity-related defensive movements that tie languages to nation and homeland, as an expression and promise of rootedness, but also as a danger of exclusion of “others”.

In the context of these global fields of tension, the Annual Convention with its participants and guests from about 50 countries took up the often multilingual biographies of the scholarship holders and thereby also addressed the experience of difference to the German language and culture. This is also reflected in the way language is standardized and regulated, especially in the public and media discourse, in which digitalization is increasingly gaining a formative influence. At the same time, we examined the role of language as a medium of freedom and an instrument of power in selected situations of conflict in language and identity politics. For the first time, a forum was prepared together with the Cusanuswerk, the Episcopal Scholarship Foundation.

Due to pandemic-related restrictions, the Annual Convention had to be held in an entirely digital way for the first time.

Documents of the Annual Convention:

  • Forum 1: Between Origin and Future: Language as Home
    Presentation by Franz Thomas Sonka
  • Forum 2: Multilingualism as a chance: Language Biographies and Intercultural Education
    Presentation by Prof. em. Dr. Annick de Houwer, Univ. Erfurt/Director HaBilNet
  • Forum 3: Genus and Gender in Language Comparison
    Presentation by Prof. Dr. Damaris Nübling, University of Mainz
  • Forum 4: Language and Truth in the Media
    Presentation by Dr. Jobst Paul, Duisburg Institute for Language and Social Research
  • Forum 5: Why it is (still) worth learning German
    Presentation by Prof. Dr. Claudia Stockinger, HU Berlin
  • Report of the Water Division
  • Report of the Division Global Health
  • Report of the Division Justice and Peace

Text Documents of the Annual Convention:

  • Lecture (German) on “Integral Development: A Paradigm for Science and (Ecclesiastical) Practice?”, Prof. Dr. Markus Vogt, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (English Translation)
  • Presentation of the Alumni Association “MyanKAAD” by Claudia Api

Panel 1: „Fighting the Causes of Flight“ as a Development Goal?
Presentation (German) by Dr. Benjamin Schraven, The German Development Institute (DIE), Bonn

Panel 2: „Help“ versus „Participation“
Presentation (German) by Michael Hippler, Misereor/KZE

Panel 3: „Transformation“: Analysis Concept for “Change of System”
– Prof. Dr. Heinz Theisen, Catholic University of Applied Sciences (KatHO), Cologne

Panel 4: „Sustainability“ versus „Growth“
Presentation by Dr. Andreas Exner, University of Graz
– Presentation by Jonathan Barth, Institute for Future-fit Economies, ZOE, Bonn

Panel 5: Responsible Elites as „Change Agents“?
Presentation by Prof. Dr. Dagmar Hellmann-Rajanayagam, University of Passau

Text Documents of the Jubilee Convention:

Panel 1:
Regional, Global and Interdisciplinary Peace and Conflict Research

Panel 2:
Water: Molecules – Resource –  Source of Life

Panel 3:
Ethical Perspectives in Medicine and Sciences

Panel 4:
From „Mental Health“ to „Salvation“: Spirit and Soul Interdisciplinary

Panel 5:
„Campus of the Religions“? Theologies Between Religious Dogma, Science and Dialogue
Presentation (German): Prof. Dr. Klaus von Stosch, University of Paderborn

Peace Research and Peace Ethics as an Interdisciplinary Task
Lecture (German): Prof. Dr. Eberhard Schockenhoff, University of Freiburg, President of KAAD (English Version)

  • Panel 1: Communities Found and Invented: The Return of Ethnic and National Identities
    • Presentation (German) by Lars Leszczensky, University of Mannheim: “Ethnic and National Identities of Children and Teenager “
    • Presentation (German) by Dr. Lutz Schrader, Fernuniversität Hagen (Distance Learning University Hagen)
  • Panel 2: Religious Identities in the Field of Tension between Political and Economic Interests
  • Panel 3: As an Avatar in Social Networks: Virtual Identitites
  • Panel 4: “Typical – Typical Us” – Difficulties in Presenting our Identity(s)
    • Presentation (German) by Prof. Dr. Erwin Orywal, University of Cologne
  • Panel 5: “Home” – Rootedness in a Globalised World
    • Presentation (German) by Prof. Dr. Beate Mitzscherlich, University of Applied Sciences Zwickau
  • Panel Discussion: Identity Policy for a Common Future: Opportunities and Limits of Transnationalism and Global Citizenship
    • Presentation (German) by Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Werz, University of Rostock
  • Panel 1: “Emerging Countries“ of Educational Migration: From Brain Drain to Exchange on Equal Terms?
    • Presentation (German) by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lauterbach, University of Potsdam
  • Panel 2: Education Online? Virtualisation of the Academic World
    • Presentation by Christian Friedrich, University of Lüneburg
    • Presentation by Katrin Haufe-Wadle, DAAD: Education Online? Virtualisation of the Academic World
  • Panel 3: Students as Change Agents?
    • Lecture by Dr. Florian Stoll, University of Bayreuth
    • Abstract (German) by Ariana Kellmer, University of Duisburg-Essen
  • Panel 4: „Global English“ or Encounter in a Foreign Language?
    • Presentation by Prof. Dr. Winfried Thielmann, TU Chemnitz
    • Presentation by Dr. Johannes Müller, International Office, University of Cologne
  • Panel 5: Religious on Campus: Competition or Dialogue?
    • Presentation (German) by Dr. Martin Rötting, KHG LMU Munich
  • Penal and Plenary Discussion: From “Foreign Student” to “Global Student”?: (Cultural) Political Opportunities of Internationalisation 
    • Keynote Presentation by PD Dr. Uwe Hunger, University of Siegen
    • Presentation by Thomas Böhm, German Rectors’ Conference (HRK) Bonn
    • Lecture (German) by Adrian Beling, Humboldt University of Berlin
    • Lecture (German) by Dr. Claudia Lücking-Michel MdB
  • Panel 1 “Priorities for Health Systems in Developing and Transition Countries”
    • Presentation (German) by Dr. Marlies Reulecke, Medical Mission Institute Würzburg: “Priorities for Health Systems”
    • Presentation (German) by P. Carlos Man Ging Villanueva, Ecuador: “The Health System in Ecuador”
    • Presentation by Joseph Kwame Wulifan, Ghana: “Health Care in Ghana”
  • Panel 2 “‘Care Drain’: Competition in a Global Skilled Labour Market”
    • Presentation (German) by PD Dr. Michael Marx, University of Heidelberg
  • Panel 3 “‘Health’ and ‘Illness’ as Cultural Constructs
    • Lecture (German) by Dr. Katarina Greifeld, Frankfurt: “Biomedicine and Traditional Medicine – Understanding of Health and Illness”
  • Panel 4 “Salvation and Healing: Health from an (Inter-)Religious Perspective
    • Presentation (German) by Dr. Vaja Vardidze, Georgia: “Salvation and Healing from an Existential Analytical Perspective”
    • Speech (German) by P. Prof. Dr. Ulrich Engel, Berlin: “Salvation and Healing”
  • Panel 5 “High-Tech Medicine between Ethos and Market”
    • Presentation (German) by Dr. Andreas Wulf, medico international: “Reflections from a Basic Health Perspective”
  • Penal and Plenary Disucssion: Towards a Global Health Equity
    • Keynote Speech (German) by PD Dr. Walter Bruchhausen, University of Bonn/Aachen
    • Presentation by PD Dr. Walter Bruchhausen, University of Bonn/Aachen: “Pathways to Global Health Justice”
    • Presentation (German) by Dr. Gerd Eppel, GIZ Bonn
    • Statement by Martin Adokiya, Ghana: “Global (Political) Impact on the Health System in Ghana”
    • Presentation by Martin Adokiya, Ghana: “Global (Political) Impact on the Health System in Ghana”
    • Statement (German) by Dr. Marlies Reulecke, Medical Mission Institute Würzburg: “Church Contribution to Global Health Justice”

Article by Dr. Marlies Reulecke published in the magazine Herder Korresondenz 68 (04/2014): “Taking a Closer Look at the Realities of Life. Mother-Child Health in Africa as a Challenge for the Church.” (German)

  • Presentation (German) by Prof. Dr. Tilmann Sutter, University of Bielefeld: “Socialisation in Social Networks: How much “Reality” do Human Relationships Need?
  • Presentation (German) by Prof. Dr. Thomas Demmelhuber, University of Hildesheim: “Social Networks as Factor of Power in Civil Society and Policy”
  • Presentation (German) by Jürgen Winnemöller, Theologist and Blogger of ““: “Virtual Spiritual Communities”
  • Research Paper (German) by Prof. Dr. Dr. Karl Gabriel, University of Münster: “From the Territorial Parish to the Web Church?”
  • Outline by Prof. Chibueze Udeani, University of Würzburg: “Universal Church – A Model of a Global Community? – A reflection”
  • Research Paper by P. Matías Omar Ruz, Córdoba/Argentinia, currently University of Münster: “World Church and World Society – Is There a Global Community?”

Text Documents of the Annual Conventions (Only Available in German):

Annual Convention 2010: Hermann Weber (Hg.): Globale Mächte und Gewalten – Wer steuert die Welt? Die Verantwortung der Weltreligionen. Ostfildern 2011; 226 S. ISBN: 978-3-7867-2880-1 (English Translation: “Global Power and Might – Who Rules the World? The Responsability of the World Religions”)

Annual Convention 2009: Water: Resource – Goods – Source of Life

  • Presentationen Part 1 /Part 2 (German)
  • Presentation (German) “Changes in the Global Water Cycle and Local Impacts for the Population” by Prof. Dr. Paul L.G. Vlek, Center for Development Research (ZEF), Bonn

Annual Convention 2008: Gemeinsame Zukunft in einer gerechten Welt. Das Jubiläumsjahr des KAAD in Textdokumenten. Bonn 2008; 128 S. ISBN: 978-3-926288-32-5, EUR 7,00 (English Translation: “Global Justice, Common Future. The Anniversary Year of KAAD in Text Documents”)

Annual Convention 2007: Wissenschaft und Spiritualität, Bonn 2007; 132 S.ISBN: 978-3-926288-30-1, EUR 7,00 (English Translation: “Science and Spirituality”)

Annual Convention 2006: Im Spiegel der Anderen: Deutschland. Geschichte – Sprache – Mentalität – Religion. Bonn 2006; 95 S. ISBN-13: 978-3-926288-28-8, EUR 5,00 (English Translation:” Through the Mirrors of Others: Germany. History – Language – Mentality”)

Annual Convention 2005: Soziale Verantwortung neu denken. Bonn, 2005; 128 S.ISBN: 3-926288-25-6, EUR 7,00 (English Translation:Rethinking Social Responsability”)

Annual Convention 2004: Religionen auf Wanderschaft. Bonn, 2004; 128 S. ISBN: 3-926288-24-8, EUR 7,00 (English Translation:Religions on Wanderings”)

Annual Convention 2003: Wurzeln der Konflikte – Instrumente des Friedens. Bonn, 2003; 106 S. ISBN: 3-926288-23-X, EUR 6,00 (English Translation: “Roots of Conflicts – Instruments of Peace”)

Annual Convention 2002: Wissenschaftskultur oder Wissenschaftsmarkt? Bonn, 2002; 218 S. ISBN: 3-926288-21-3, EUR 10,00 (English Translation: “Science Culture or Science Market?”)

Annual Convention 2001: Zwischen Macht und Dienst: Eliten in Gesellschaft und Kirche heute. Jahresakademie 2001. Bonn, 2001; 135 S. ISBN: 3-926288-19-1, EUR 5,00 (English Translation: “Between Power and Service: Elites in Society and Church Today”)

Annual Convention 2000: Konflikte und gemeinsame Zukunft: Zur Frage von Schuld und Versöhnung in unserer Zeit. Jahresakademie 2000. Bonn, 2000; 127 S. ISBN: 3-926288-18-3, EUR 5,00 (English Translation: “Conflicts and Common Future: On the Question of Guilt and Reconciliation in our Time.”)

Annual Convention 1999: Kreativiät – Schöpferisches Menschsein. Jahresakademie 1999. Bonn, 1999; 94 S. ISBN: 3-926288-16-7, EUR 4,50 (English Translation: “Creativity – Creative Humanity”)

Annual Convention 1998: Das Volk Gottes in den Herausforderungen einer Gesellschaft. Jahresakademie 1998. Bonn, 1998; 160 S. ISBN: 3-926288-14-0, EUR 6,50 (English Translation: “God’s People in the Challenges of a Society”)