Fabiana Faleiros Santana Castro (Brazil)

Since her return to Brazil in 2012, the nursing and rehabilitation scientist Dr Fabiana Faleiros can already look back on an impressive career. She is now working as professor at the renowned Faculty of Nursing Sciences at the University of São Paulo in Ribeirão Preto, the only World Health Organization cooperation centre in this specialised field in Latin America. After completing her doctorate at the TU Dortmund, she has facilitated for numerous of her own students the way to postdoctoral studies in Dortmund.

Right from the very beginning, Dr Faleiros convinced her academic supervisor in Dortmund, Prof Dr Christoph Käppler, through her commitment: “Her commitment has been extraordinary. If that had not been the case, it would not have been possible for her to complete her doctoral studies in only two years (which she defended in German!)”, says Käppler retrospectively. Prof Faleiros and Prof Käppler have established a close cooperation network by now, in which KAAD is also involved. Recently, a scholarship was again granted to a young scientist to carry out her doctoral studies in Dortmund, supervised by Käppler and Faleiros. “There is not the least doubt that my academic relations with Germany, namely the cooperation with Prof Käppler and the long-term connection to KAAD, have boosted my career in Brazil. I am very proud today to be able to show the best of my students prospects for studying in Germany”, remarks the young scientist.

Looking back on her time in Germany, Dr Faleiros concludes: „When I arrived in Germany without my husband, I did not only find support at the University of Dortmund, but also in ecclesiastical structures which I was able to establish quickly thanks to the support of KAAD. In my opinion, this support is what makes KAAD so special: It brings students from different cultures together, encourages dialogue among them through its educational programmes and offers opportunities to feel spiritually at home in Germany.” The young scientist is now mother of two children and combines family life and professional work with her very own dynamic.

In the field of rehabilitation and inclusion, Brazil (and Latin America as a whole) has a lot of catching up to do. Consequently, Dr Faleiros has founded the research group “Neurorehab”. In cooperation with German and Latin American colleagues (among them also numerous KAAD alumni), they developed a multilingual online information portal for people with disabilities, their relatives and rehabilitation professionals which they constantly provide with new content. (https://demaisinformacao.com.br/#)

Fabiana Faleiros is also one of the founding members of our Latin American alumni group “Salud Global” which has just been founded at a KAAD alumni seminar abroad in November 2019. Alumni from different countries followed the invitation of the University of São Paulo to the event in Ribeirão Preto. Thanks to her organisational talent and brilliant ideas, the young scientist was again able to ensure good start conditions for this KAAD group also on this occasion.