Alumni Associations

Alumni associations in our fellows’ home countries represent KAAD in the local church and society. These associations organize academic seminars and offer a space of exchange to our alumni. They can also form the base for setting up social projects of different kinds.
From the viewpoint of KAAD, alumni associations also serve as institutions where new fellows receive assistance to organize their studies in Germany. At the same time they can assist returning fellows in the process of professional re-integration.

Alumni Portal Germany

Maintaining contact to our alumni is important for our work. That is, why we cordially invite all fellows and alumni to register at the Alumniportal Deutschland and to join our KAAD group there.  Hundreds of former fellows from many countries are organized in this group. It does not only provide important information from (and about) our alumni from around the world, it also offers the opportunity to establish contacts between members of specific academic backgrounds.
Do not wait, join us today!