Dr Hermann Weber

* 1958; Dr. theol.

Studied Catholic Theology, German Language and Literature, and Philosophy in Münster, Tübingen and Paris; from 1983 to 86 assistant at the Institute of Dogmatics at Tübingen University, doctorate in 1986; 1986 -2002 Head of the Latin America Department at KAAD; since 1989 also Secretary General of KAAD; 1999 – 2000 Guest lecturer at Centre Sèvres, Paris; since 1999 Vice-President of SECIS, Brussels; Dr. Weber is also a board member of DBK’s “Theological Scholarship program Albertus Magnus” and “KAAD foundation Peter Hünermann”. He is a member of the “Conference of ecumenical scholarships in EKD” and the General Assembly of “Forum Hochschule und Kirche”.

Numerous publications in the fields of development policies (mainly Latin America), global migration of highly skilled people and academics, and cultural aspects of globalization; additionally, publications in modern German literature (for example: monograph on Ingeborg Bachmann in 1986)

Recently published:
Hauptstädte und Global Cities an der Schwelle zum 21. Jahrhundert (Bochum 2000, together with A. Sohn); Wissenschaftskultur oder Wissenschaftsmarkt? (Bonn 2002); Religionen auf Wanderschaft (Bonn 2004), Wissenschaft und Spiritualität (Bonn 2007), and Globale Mächte und Gewalten – Wer steuert die Welt? Die Verantwortung der Weltreligionen (Ostfildern 2011).

On the occasion of his 60th birthday, the following commemorative publication was released:
H. Geiger, N. Kalbarczyk, T. Krüggeler, M. Kuhn und M. Leimbach (Hg.): Bildung und Wissenschaft im Horizont von Interkulturalität. Stuttgart 2019