Prof Dr Thomas Eggensperger

* 1963; Prof. Dr. theol., M.A.

Together with Dr. Ulrich Engel OP Spiritual Counselor of the Catholic Academic Exchange Service (KAAD.

Professor for Social Ethics and Social Sciences at PTH Münster.

Studies of Catholic Theology at Bonn (Dipl. Theol.) and Fribourg/Switzerland universities (Dr. theol.); studies of Philosophy and Spanish at Cologne University (M.A.); joined the Dominican Order in 1982; ordination of the priesthood in 1992.

Executive Director of “Institut M.-Dominique Chenu – Espaces Berlin” (; further activities: editor of the theological journal “Wort und Antwort“, publisher of various academic series; lecturer at Potsdam University, supporter of “ProBrasil – Martim de Lima Sao Paulo e.V.” in Düsseldorf.

Publishes in the fields of philosophy and theology focusing on social transformational processes in Germany and Europe, social and political ethics, and on Latin America.

He lives in Berlin.