PD Dr. Esther-Maria Guggenmos

* 1977; Dr. habil.

University education, PhD studies, and habilitation  in Münster, Taipei, Bonn, Ghent and Erlangen:

  • Diploma in Catholic Theology (WWU Münster, 2004)
  • M.A. in Religious Studies and Sinology (WWU Münster, 2006)
  • PhD on lay Buddhism in urban Taiwan (Ann Heirman, Universiteit Gent, 2010)
  • Habilitation on the relationship between Buddhism and divination (Andreas Nehring / Michael Lackner, FAU Erlangen, 2019).

Positions held:

Research coordination at the International Consortium for Research in the Humanities, IKGF “Fate, Freedom and Prognostication” of the University Erlangen-Nuremberg (www.ikgf.fau.de), 2009-2014. Visiting professor in Münster, Erlangen, and Fribourg. Visiting fellowships in Japan and Taiwan. Habilitation fellowship and habilitation award of FAU 2019. Since April 2020 Head of the Asia Department of KAAD, Bonn.

Research Interests:

  • Systematic: aesthetics of religion, religious transmission processes, urban religiosity.
  • Historical: Buddhism, Chinese religions, Christianity in Asia, contemporary religion.

Publications listed at:https://uni-erlangen.academia.edu/EMGuggenmos


  • together with Annette Wilke: Im Netz des Indra. Das Museum of World Religions, sein buddhistisches Dialogkonzept und die neue Disziplin Religionsästhetik [In Indra’s Net. The Museum of World Religions, its Buddhist concept of dialogue, and the new discipline aesthetics of religion], Münster: LIT 2008.
  •  ‚I believe in Buddhism and Travelling’—Denoting Oneself a Lay Buddhist in Contemporary Urban Taiwan, Würzburg: Ergon 2017.
  •  together with LI Wei: Wahrsagende Mönche im chinesischen Buddhismus–Biographien aus dem Shenseng zhuan [Divining Monks in Chinese Buddhism–Biographies from the Shenseng zhuan], Ostasien Verlag 2019.