Social media and religions

Meschede, Abtei Königsmünster | 19.08.2024 - 22.08.2024
Manager:Markus Leimbach, KAAD
Spiritual companion:P. Prof. Dr. Ulrich Engel OP

'Social media' is the collective term for internet-based media offerings that enable social interaction in the form of communication and cooperation. The difference between social media and traditional mass media is that in social media, every user can also be an actor. The central element of social media is that the users generate the content. No special training is required to become part of the 'social media' world. All one needs is an internet connection and a smartphone or other suitable device.

We use social media daily to network, stay in touch and get informed. The various religious communities are also active on social networks and use the platforms to reach their congregation and other interested parties. However, the media are increasingly used for missionary purposes or to spread radical ideas.

The seminar will look at the use of social media and consider how to engage with it critically and recognise misuse.
The Catholic Church in Germany is present in the (social) media via the Catholic Media House through web presences, television productions, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and others. The event will highlight relevant issues not only in the context of Christianity but also in the context of other religions to identify what this is like for other faith communities and churches.

Beuron Monastery in the beautiful Danube landscape.