Seminars and events

KAAD attaches great importance to exchange and personal contact with you and within our worldwide KAAD network. The seminars in particular offer a good opportunity for this.

In addition to lectures on the seminar topic, each seminar also includes spiritual guidance and a cultural program. Spiritual guidance in the form of prayers, meditation and church services is an integral part of the events and is tailored to the seminar theme.

An additional cultural program will enable you to get to know the sights of the region - as an encounter with German history, society and the church.

Further information and FAQ about the seminars

Binding registrations

Please send the following registration form by e-mail no later than

January 15, 2024

to your respective department.

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KAAD-Seminars 2024

Meschede, Abtei Königsmünster | 19.08.2024 - 22.08.2024

Odenthal-Altenberg, Haus Altenberg | 09.12.2024 - 11.12.2024

Münster, Akademie Franz Hitze Haus | 16.12.2024 - 19.12.2024

Frequently asked questions

  • For doctoral and master's scholarship holders, participation in the annual academy (25.04. - 28.04.2024) as well as in a further seminar is a prerequisite for the extension of the scholarship. If there is interest and places are available, it is also possible to take part in several seminars.
  • Short-term scholarship holders (funding period of less than six months) or those in the immediate exam phase are welcome to participate if their exam preparations or study projects allow.
  • Please indicate a maximum of four seminar requests on the registration form in the order of your personal preference (1st - 4th). We will do our best to consider the priorities. Due to a lack of capacity, we will not be able to invite you to all priority events.

  • Please return the registration form to your respective department by 15.01.2024 by email or post. Scholarship holders who will only be accepted for funding in the course of 2024 can also register later.

  • 4 - 6 weeks before the seminar begins, the event team ( will send you an invitation by email. You will be asked for a binding response within a certain period of time.

  • Important: Please consider when and on which topic you would like to attend a seminar in accordance with your study plans.

  • 2 - 3 weeks before the start of the seminar, you will receive a binding confirmation with organizational information (accommodation, arrival and departure) as well as documents for thematic preparation.

  • Costs for arrival and departure, accommodation and meals are covered by KAAD. You will receive information on ordering tickets with your confirmation.

  • Anyone who cancels their participation later than eight days before the start of the seminar due to illness or examination must present a medical certificate or confirmation of examination. Without proof, a cancellation fee of €50 will be charged.

  • Important note on ordering tickets: If you decide to cancel at short notice despite
    If you have to cancel your binding registration for a seminar at short notice but have already ordered a train ticket, this must be actively canceled. It is not sufficient not to collect it from the ticket machine.

  • We have again agreed an exchange with the Cusanuswerk for 2024 and can therefore offer you three more seminars (see call for applications, p. 26 f). Cusanus scholarship holders will also take part in three KAAD events again, including our Annual Academy.
  • We have again agreed an exchange with the Cusanuswerk for 2024 and can therefore offer you three more seminars (see call for applications, p. 26 f). Cusanus scholarship holders will also take part in three KAAD events again, including our Annual Academy.

In addition, scholarship holders from the “Albertus Magnus Theological Scholarship Program” (priests and religious) of the German Bishops' Conference will also take part in some seminars in 2024.

Events organized by the Cusanuswerk

The Bischöfliche Studienförderung Cusanuswerk is one of 13 organizations for the promotion of gifted students in the Federal Republic of Germany. The task of the Cusanuswerk is to provide idealistic and material support for particularly gifted Catholic students from Germany and the countries of the European Union. In order to promote dialog between German and foreign students, the KAAD has agreed with the Cusanuswerk to open up some events to interested parties from the other side. From the current offer, the annual conference (A) is also suitable for KAAD scholarship holders in the Master's program, the graduate conferences (B and C) are reserved for doctoral students.

Frequently asked questions

Please register by April 15, 2024, stating your name, contact details and your field of study or doctoral subject by sending a message to an.

The annual conference and the graduate conferences are held entirely in German, participation requires a good knowledge of German.

The Cusanuswerk will cover all costs for accommodation and meals in the conference center and travel costs (DB, 2nd class). Please note that only registrations for the entire conference period can be considered.

Cancellations at short notice - less than two weeks before the event without a medical certificate - will be subject to cancellation fees for accommodation.