The KONTAK community was founded on 17 August 1983 by former KMKI members who had returned to Indonesia. KONTAK was created so that KMKI alumni can meet in Indonesia and continue the friendship they built in Germany. In addition, KONTAK provides an opportunity for alumni to help each other with work, provide information, and conduct social activities as a form of caring for others. Originally, this organisation was limited to alumni living in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, but thanks to current technological advances, KONTAK now supports KMKI alumni in other cities through mailing list platforms or other social media such as WhatsApp.

KONTAK is very active in the home country. Events are held here regularly, which can then also be financially supported by the now professionals themselves and achieve a broad impact.

Contact Persons

Association of Former KAAD Scholars

Dr.-Ing. Henry Kartarahardja
Universitas Atmajaya
Fakultas Teknik
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 51
Jakarta 12930