Our Partner Country Indonesia

KAAD has been working closely with the partner country Indonesia since its foundation.

With our Indonesian partners, the KMKI and KONTAK, KAAD has developed a very special kind of cooperation between scholarship holders and alumni associations.

The KMKI, an association of Catholic students from Indonesia in Germany, has proven to be a special partner, which on the one hand supports the scholarship holders in their integration into everyday life as students in Germany and on the other hand, strengthens the connection to our partners in Indonesia.

KAAD and KMKI are united by the Christian image of man and the will to promote the development of young students into active and responsible citizens of their home society.

KAAD's cooperation with Indonesia is characterised by structural support with a multiplier effect: Indonesian Catholic students in Germany are organised in the KMKI. After their return, they form the KONTAK community in Indonesia.

Outstanding students of the KMKI repeatedly become KAAD scholarship holders, just as KAAD scholarship holders from Indonesia find an intellectual home at the KMKI. Through the contact with other Indonesian students and the connection to KONTAK, the return perspective becomes tangible for scholarship holders and students.

While KONTAK organises events in Indonesia for KAAD, most recently the Academy Abroad in Bogor in 2019 on religious radicalisation, KAAD has supported KMKI with a larger sum every year from the beginning until today. From this, the KMKI organises a seminar programme for Indonesian students, which would not be conceivable without KAAD's support.

From KAAD's point of view, this cooperation is purposeful both in the S2 programme and through the active partner work in Indonesia in the S1 programme, as the KAAD scholarship holders from Indonesia have formed a constant and strong group of scholarship holders over the years with a very high return rate and great social relevance.

Contacts in Indonesia

Prof. Dr. Juliana Murniati
KAAD Committee Indonesia
University of Atma Jaya
Nusa Loka – Bumi Serpong Damai
Tangerang Selatan 15318

01.07.2018 - 30.06.2023

Mitglieder des Partnergremiums

  • Dr. Juliana Murniati (Secretary)
  • Mr. Hadi Kasim
  • Dr. S.P. Lili Tjahjadi
  • Dr. Antonius P. S. Wibowo

Are you interested in a scholarship?

Please contact Dr Juliana Murniati:

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Students' Organization


The organisation Keluarga Mahasiswa Katolik Indonesia (Indonesian Catholic Student Family) by and for Indonesian students in Germany sees itself as a community characterised by a family-like, Catholic spirit. Membership in KMKI is open to all who want to be actively involved and is not limited to Catholic students.


KMKI Alumni

The KONTAK community was created so that KMKI alumni can meet in Indonesia and continue the friendship they have built up in Germany. KONTAK is very active in the home country. Events are held here regularly, and the now professionals can then also support themselves financially.


Seminar programme of the KMKI

KMKI is active at all levels and regularly organises numerous services, discussion forums, webinars, rosaries, and online meetings. KMKI also organises four seminars each year, which are funded by KAAD.