KAAD-Foundation Peter Hünermann

In December of 2008 the KAAD-Foundation Peter Hünermann (“KAAD-Stiftung Peter Hünermann“) was founded in close cooperation with the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart. It was named after its first benefactor and long-time KAAD-President. The foundation shall support our educational and alumni programs. It will mainly respond to initiatives presented by scholarship holders and alumni (network building), for which otherwise KAAD could not provide any funds. The seed capital was around € 400,000.

Beginning in 2011 the foundation annually awards an alumni prize. The aim is to recognize and honor outstanding academic achievements that have a relevant social impact and/or extraordinary (voluntary) civic engagement of alumni. KAAD partners and alumni associations from around the world may propose candidates. The decision will be made by the directory of the foundation, a representative of the Academic Council and an elected representative of the KAAD scholars.

In 2019, the (8th) prize of the “KAAD-Foundation Peter Hünermann” went to the Myanmar alumni association “MyanKAAD” and thus for the first time not to an individual. The association is the fruit of a cooperation started in 2001 between KAAD and the Bishops’ Conference of the country, the Diocese of Regensburg (as main source of funding for the scholarships outside Germany) and the Catholic ABAC University in Bangkok. A delegation of alumni and representatives of the church (among them the Vicar General of Yangoon, Msgr. Saw Francis) had travelled together with the representative of the Diocese of Regensburg, Gregor Tautz, to the Convention and Award Ceremony. The head of KAAD Asia Department, Dr. Heinrich Geiger, who built up and supported the cooperation from the beginning, and the Vicar General honored the association presented by Claudia Api as an important church and civil society actor in a severe minority situation for Catholics and a rapidly changing society afflicted by ethnic-religious conflicts. The KAAD Award was presented at the Annual Convention 2019.

Former Prizewinners

In 2021, the Award was given for the tenth time, but for the first time it was awarded to a practitioner and academician in the field of Peace- and Conflict Studies – an area which is at the very core of KAAD as a global community with an ethos of world-wide solidarity. Our laureate in 2021 is Dr. Constansia Mumma-Martinon.

The award was presented during the digital Annual Convention.

  • Der Preis der „KAAD-Stiftung Peter Hünermann“ ging 2020 an den KAAD-Alumnus Dr. Lauro Sitzmann aus Paraguay für seine Verdienste im Gesundheitswesen. Die Verleihung erfolgte aufgrund der ausgefallenen Jahresakademie 2020 digital auf der Jahresakademie 2021.

Die Stiftung hat ferner wieder einige Einzelprojekte von StipendiatInnen und Alumni bewilligt. Aufgrund der pandemiebedingten Einschränkungen konnten jedoch nur zwei Vorhaben realisiert werden:

  • Vorbereitung von Ausstellungen und einer Werkdokumentation des bedeutenden Malers, Bildhauers und KAAD-Alumnus Francis Xavier Nnaggenda durch die Kuratorin und Künstlerin Violet Nantume. Im Herbst 2020 konnte dazu eine Studienreise nach Nairobi durchgeführt werden.
  • Durchführung eines Webseminars zum Thema „Mental Health“ am 16. Oktober 2020, organisiert zusammen mit unserem palästinensischen Partnergremium (vgl. Jahresbericht 2021, Kapitel 3.4)
  • In 2019, the Myanmar alumni association “MyanKAAD” won the annual prize. The award was presented at the Annual Convention 2019.
  • Financial support of an alumni seminar of the Zimbabwean association KASSA including a bus excursion to the university in Bulawayo and to Zambia (End of May 2019)
  • Financial support of the conference of the expert group “Religion in Dialogue” in Ohrid/North Macedonia (November): “Hospitality as a Basic Requirement of Interreligious Dialogue” in cooperation with the Faculty of Orthodox Theology and Renovabis (travel expenses of members of the expert group: current scholarship holders from Germany and alumni outside of Europe)
  • Financial support of the conference in Ribeirão Preto/Brazil (November; foundation of a Latin American branch of our expert group “Global Health/Salud Global”)
  • Financial support of publications from the Jubilee Year, of the educational system in East Africa (“The Good Education“) as well as of the commemorative publication for Dr Weber
  • In 2018, Dr. Rafal Dutkiewicz from Poland won the annual prize. The award was presented during the Annual Convention.
  • Financial support of the International Convention in Manila, 23. -26. November 2018: Travel expenses for delegates from partner committees and alumni associations from Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.
  • Financial support of the conference in Porto Alegre/PUC (which was also an international meeting of the expert group “Justicia y Paz”, 23.-26. August): Travel expenses from alumni from other Latin American countries.
  • Receptions in cooperation with the local bishops and in connection with a seminar abroad on the occasion of the 60th anniversary in Harare, Addis Ababa and Nairobi.
  • In 2017, the Alumnus and paediatric cardiologist Dr. Franz Peter Freudenthal from Bolovia received the prize during the Annual Convention.
  • Financial support of the international conference “Religion – Conflict – Conflict Management” in Lebanon), 7. -10. June 2017, in particular the excursion and travel costs.
  • Financial support of the conference „Driving sustainable economic development in West Kalimantan through education and training“, mainly organised by the first foundation prize winner Stephanus Mulyadi, 7. – 11. June 2017 (travel costs of Asian Alumni).
  • Financial support of the KASHA seminar (Alumi Association “Horn of Africa”) for a seminar lasting several days in Hawassa, 7. – 10. June 2017 (Resource protection and sustainable agriculture).
  • Financial support of the Alumni Conference „Repensar el desarrollo: nuevos caminos para una convivencia solidaria de la comunidad global” (based on the encyclical „Laudato si‘“), Sa. Fe/Argentina, 20./21. October 2017 (Financial support in particular for the participation of alumni from all over Latin America).
  • In 2016, the Alumnus Misheck Masamvu, artist from Zimbabwe, received the prize during the Annual Convention.
  • Financial support of the publication of Latin American scholarship holders and alumni “Pluralismo e interculturalidad en América Latina en tiempos de globalización” (published by Grama, Buenos Aires; the publication was presented at the Annual Academy 2016).
  • Financial support for the conference of the Ukrainian Alumni Association: “Importance and influence of the internationalisation of education on regional development on the eastern border of the EU”, Chernivtsi, 26-29 May 2016: Travel and accommodation costs for participants from other Eastern European countries.
  • Financial support of the KASSA Seminar (Alumni Association of Scholars in Southern Africa) for a seminar lasting several days in December 2016 (excursion from Zimbabwe to Mozambique).
  • In 2015, Dr. Hiyam Marzouqa from Palestine won the annual prize. The award was presented during the Annual Convention.
  • Financial contribution to the excursion costs of the Water Workshop in the light of the seminar “Water Management in Climate and Social Change” (May 2015)
  • Financial support of the Alumni Conference: “El Rol de la Universidad en la Gestión de la Salud Pública” (June 2015, in Sa Fe/Argentina). In particular, alumni from the Andean countries and Brazil were given the opportunity to participate in order to establish a KAAD-specific, health-related specialist network.
  • Financial support of the joint seminar of the Alumni Associations Georgia and Armenia in Erewan, Armenia (October 2015)
  • Financial support of the KASHA seminar (Alumni Association “Horn of Africa” in Ethiopia) for a seminar lasting several days (November 2015)
  • In 2014, Dr. Vaja Vardidze from Georgia won the annual prize. The award was presented during the Annual Convention.
  • Financing the philosophical-theoloical workshop in remembarance of the 20th anniversary of P. Georges Anawati’s death. The event was organized by KAAD-Alumnus Dr. Haggag Ali in connection with an international conference in Cairo (6th / 7th June) with scientists from different Arabic countries.
  • Financial support of the international conference of KAAD in Jawa Barat, Indonesia (24th – 26th October 2014). The event was held under the topic of “ASEAN 2015” with a high excess of the Alumni Association KONTAK. (The support from the foundation was mainly supposed for venue and international speakers).
  • Financing of the conferences of the Alumni Association Guatemala at the Univ. Rafael Landívar. The events (3rd – 5th November 2014) dealt with topics of methodologies in social sciences and especially enabled Alumni from Ecuador and Bolivia to participate.

Bank details:
Bistum Rottenburg-Stuttgart
IBAN: DE48 6039 1310 0005 4040 02
reference: KAAD-Stiftung Peter Hünermann KST 531160

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For more information concerning the foundation, please contact the Secretary General of KAAD, Dr. Nora Kalbarczyk: kalbarczyk(at)kaad.de.