KAAD-Foundation Peter Hünermann

n December of 2008 the Peter-Hünermann-Foundation (“KAAD-Stiftung Peter Hünermann“) was founded in close cooperation with the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart. It was named after its first benefactor and long-time KAAD-President. The foundation shall support our educational and alumni programs. It will mainly respond to initiatives presented by scholarship holders and alumni (network building), for which otherwise KAAD could not provide any funds. The seed capital was around € 400,000.

Beginning in 2011 the foundation annually awards an alumni prize. The aim is to recognize and honor outstanding academic achievements that have a relevant social impact and/or extraordinary (voluntary) civic engagement of alumni. KAAD partners and alumni associations from around the world may propose candidates. The decision will be made by the directory of the foundation, a representative of the Academic Council and an elected representative of the KAAD scholars.

This year’s award (the fifth in total) of the Peter-Hünermann-Foundation went to the painter Misheck Masamvu from Zimbabwe. It is the first time an artist is awarded. KAAD and its foundation organized an exhibition during the annual academy, presenting a dialogue-oriented comparison with the Romanian scholar and painter Sebastian Hosu. Masamvu was especially honoured for his innovative contribution to a new school for painters in his home country and his support of talented young professionals in Southern Africa. In his laudatory speech, Dr. Marko Kuhn, Head of Africa Department, especially acknowledged Masamvu’s loyalty towards his home country and the support of particularly the simple population struggling with hard economic and political conditions.
The joint exhibition, titled „Humans – Dreams“ (see leaflet and speech from Prof. Dr. Ulrich Engel OP on the vernissage), found biographical depth focus on Friday afternoon at the academy throughout a panel discussion with both painters: “Seeing ourselves” – the title of the the panel – discussed the artists’ existential and artistic migration between home country and an educational and art market in Europe as well as self-image and external perception created through the migration.

Former prizewinners


This year the Alumnus Misheck Masamvu, artist from Zimbabwe, has received the prize during the Annual Academy 2016.


In 2015 Dr. Hiyam Marzouqa from Palestine won the annual prize. The award was presented during the Annual Academy.


  • Financing the philosophical-theoloical workshop in remembarance of the 20th anniversary of P. Georges Anawati’s death. The event was organized by KAAD-Alumnus Dr. Haggag Ali in connection with an international conference in Kaire (6th / 7th June) with scientiest from different Arabic countries.
  • Financial support of the international conference of KAAD in Jawa Barat, Indonesia (24th – 26th October 2014). The event was held under the topic of “ASEAN 2015” with a high excess of the Alumni Association KONTAK. (The support from the foundation was mainly supposed for venue and international speakers).
  • Financing of the conferences of the Alumni Association Guatemala at the Univ. Rafael Landívar. The events (3rd – 5th November 2014) dealt with topics of methodologies in social sciences and especially enabled Alumni from Ecuador and Bolivia to participate.

Bank details:
Bistum Rottenburg-Stuttgart
IBAN: DE48 6039 1310 0005 4040 02
reference: KAAD-Stiftung Peter Hünermann KST 531160

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For more information concerning the foundation, please contact the Secretary General of KAAD, Dr. Hermann Weber: weber(at)kaad.de.