Due to the Corona pandemic, many KAAD network events have been cancelled both in Germany and worldwide. Many of us have been affected and still bear the impact of national “lockdowns” or “confinements”. What this means for the societies of countries in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia is much less covered in the international media than is the case with Western European countries and the USA. But it is not only in the countries with huge numbers of infected and dead people that the economy and society are massively impaired. We want to find out from scholars and alumni from different countries and regions of the world in which way this global crisis influences your everyday life, your society and your economy.

Contributions based on the following key questions are welcome:

  1. What is the impact of the current corona pandemic on the situation in your country? What measures have been taken and how do they work? What changes can be observed in the society? In your opinion, what effects can be expected in the medium or long term?
  2. What effects does the situation have for you personally, in your professional and family contexts?
  3. What effects do you think can be expected on the global context?

The following rules must be respected for the contributions:

  • The maximum number of characters (including spaces) should be 2500
  • The language can be German or English
  • The first of the key questions is the most important, the second is the second most important and the third is optional
  • A photo of the person or another suitable photo (of the country) would be desirable, but is not necessary
  • When contributions come from scholars who are currently in Germany, it is still important that the main focus is on the situation in their home country
  • Not all contributions can be published on the KAAD homepage. An editorial team in the KAAD office may have to make a selection depending on the number of contributions

The contributions can be submitted to zentrale@kaad.de.