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KAAD-Alumni Conference in Hungary: Symmetry and Diversity

Symmetry and Diversity – this was the topic of the KAAD Alumni Conference taking place in the educational centre Mater Salvatoris in Gödöllö/Hungary from 23rd to 26th February. Just as diverse as the topic suggested was also the group of the 24 alumni from 7 countries, such as Hungary, Albania, Armenia, Poland, Georgia,…

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“Cradle of Civilization – Ancient Languages and Cultures of the Middle East” – KAAD Middle East Seminar in Münster

Wer nicht von dreitausend Jahren

sich weiß Rechenschaft zu geben,

bleib im Dunkeln unerfahren,

mag von Tag zu Tage leben.

Johann Wolfgang Goethe, West-östlicher Divan, Buch des Unmuts

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Newsletter No. 22

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