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Connected with God – Spiritual days in the Monastery of Beuron (23rd to 27th July 2020)

When we wake up, normally the first thing we do is to grab our cell phone, read notifications and respond to messages. However, this time was different since we were in Beuron, in the upper Danube valley, where mobile phones do not have a good signal and we felt isolated.

Eberhard Schockenhoff
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KAAD mourns the death of its President Eberhard Schockenhoff

Last Saturday, Professor Dr Eberhard Schockenhoff died after suffering a serious accident. Together with the worldwide KAAD community, we mourn the death of our President. Since October 2016, from the top of our organisation he actively supported our work enriching it with his ideas. He looked forward to joining us for a…

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Youth Protest: Political and Social Participation in the Digital Age

Although, under the current restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, only twelve scholars from nine different countries were able to participate in this seminar taking place from July, 12th to 14th 2020 at the Katholischen Akademie St. Jakobushaus in Goslar, the seminar did not lack lively exchange. The seminar…

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„Doctoral Studies in Germany: Opportunities and Pitfalls“ – KAAD Seminar in Odenthal, Haus Altenberg

From June 22nd to 25th, 2020, 19 KAAD scholarship holders gathered together at the youth educational centre “Haus Altenberg” of the Archdiocese of Cologne in Odenthal. Surrounded by a scenic landscape, the scholars delved into the history and characteristics of doctoral studies in Germany, led by Dr Nora Kalbarczyk and…

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Our Topics in 2021: Meeting of the Educational Committee on June, 26th 2020

On June 26th, the KAAD Educational Committee of 2020 hold its meeting in the Catholic conference centre in Siegburg (KSI). Against the background of the current pandemic, this year’s meeting could only take place with 10 instead of the usual 15 delegates of the scholarship holders. In addition to the delegates,…

Big Data
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KAAD Goes Online – Successfully Completed Pilot Online Seminar

Due to the current valid restrictions caused by the coronavirus, KAAD – just as numerous other institutions – also had to reconsider its usual ways of conducting seminars and be open to try new formats for its educational work in order to be able to offer them at least in a limited form.

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KAAD Annual Report 2019 Published – Cancellation of the Annual Convention 2020

In the midst of unexpectedly challenging times, also for the academic landscape and the international development policy, KAAD looks back on a successful year 2019 in its recently published annual report. KAAD was able to sponsor a total of 463 scholars from 56 countries and 62 events with 1,797 participants could take…

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International KAAD Convention in Lima (Peru): El Concepto Católico de Desarrollo en América Latina Hoy: Posturas y Perspectivas

From March 5th to 8th, the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú in Lima hosted the international KAAD Convention, originally planned for 2019, entitled “El Concepto Católico de Desarrollo en América Latina Hoy: Posturas y Perspectivas“. More than 25 KAAD scholars and alumni from Peru and 17 members of the expert…

Ausstellung Film- und Fototechnik
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Photography: Images and Their Effects – KAAD Seminar in Berlin

People have always formed a picture of the world they lived in and tried to imagine it according to their possibilities. In order to explain this, Prof Ingeborg Reichle from the University of Applied Arts Vienna introduced the history of the “world as a picture”.

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KAAD-Alumni Conference in Hungary: Symmetry and Diversity

Symmetry and Diversity – this was the topic of the KAAD Alumni Conference taking place in the educational centre Mater Salvatoris in Gödöllö/Hungary from 23rd to 26th February. Just as diverse as the topic suggested was also the group of the 24 alumni from 7 countries, such as Hungary, Albania, Armenia, Poland, Georgia,…