KAAD Special Support Programme for Ukraine

Who can apply?

Due to the war situation in Ukraine, KAAD provides scholarships for study/research projects in Germany with a flexible and simplified procedure for short-term approval for students and academics affected by the war. In addition, in line with the policy of the Federal Government, students from Belarus and Russia can also apply under this simplified procedure.

The target groups of the programme are:
Refugees from Ukraine who want to take up studies or a research project in Germany, as well as students from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia who are already studying in Germany and who need support because the previous support from their home country is no longer possible.

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What do we expect from you?

  • an above-average performance potential for studies or research,
  • orientation of studies or research towards a permanent reintegration into the respective home region (otherwise the scholarship is considered a loan),
  • religious and social commitment or willingness to engage in inter-religious dialogue

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Eastern Europe Department

How to apply?

Applications can be submitted at any time via the Catholic University Chaplaincies (KHG/KSG) or directly to KAAD. The following application documents are required for the application:

  • For Master's degrees, PhD and research projects
  • Application form
  • Transcripts (BA, MA or doctoral certificate is sufficient)
  • Admission to the German university
  • Letter of motivation
  • Statement/recommendation KHG/KSG (S2 form)
  • For PhD projects additionally:
  • Confirmation of supervision
  • Exposé
  • For research stays of PostDocs, lecturers and professors additionally:
  • Confirmation of supervision
  • Exposé or research design

In the case of applications from Ukrainian war refugees, language courses preparing for studies (up to six months) can also be applied for informally.