Near and Middle East (incl. North Africa)

The Near and Middle East Department covers a wide geographical area ranging from Morocco in the West to Afghanistan in the East. The populations of the countries included are mainly Muslim (with the exception of Israel). Christian communities (about 15 million people) form minorities and often live under rather difficult conditions. That is why KAAD´s regional program for the Near and Middle East aims at two main objectives: Strengthening Christian churches and communities and encouraging interreligious dialogue as well as the encounter of individuals who are working towards a higher level of social integration. As a contribution to a sincere dialogue scholarships can be granted also to Muslim applicants proposed by our Catholic partners. In this context, please, also note KAAD´s Georges-Anawati-Scholarship for research projects on the issue of dialogue between Islam and Christianity.

By following the above-mentioned objectives the program wants to make a contribution to the peacefull coexistence in this conflict-ridden region. It also wants to help Christian communities to better root in their traditional social and academic environments and to counter the present tendency towards their exodus.

Countries of focus of our scholarship programs for post-graduate academics are: Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine/Israel and Syria. Medical doctors please note: As a matter of principle, KAAD does not sponsor long-term specialization programs (Facharztausbildungen) in Germany.

In 2015 KAAD has also started granting scholarships for Master studies at universities in Lebanon and Jordan. In addition to this, KAAD offers postgraduate qualification opportunities in the framework of its Third Country Scholarship Program for Refugees and Host Country Experts addressing the challenges of the regional refugee crisis.

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Our Partners in Middle East:

Dr. Michael Ghattas
KAAD Regional Committee Egypt
Patristic Orthodox Center Cairo
8b Ismail El Falay
Misr El Gadida

Dr. Ghassan Handal
KAAD Regional Committee Palestine
Bethlehem University
P.O. Box 11407
Gilo Jerusalem / Israel

Prof. Dr. Farah Al-Nasir Al-Rabadi
KAAD Regional Committee Jordan
Mu’tah University
P.O. Box 7

P. Dr. Jules Boutros
Syriac Catholic Patriarchate
P.B. 116/5087
1106-2010 Beirut