Global Health

Health and well-being is one of the central goals for sustainable development. Global and public health are focus areas for KAAD and its networks: Both in funding and in the various thematic debates, KAAD promotes academic networking and deepening of this topic.

This topic

  • represents a focus area of KAAD's worldwide alumni work and is discussed in interdisciplinary and transregional expert groups (such as the Global Health Expert Group);
  • is reflected in KAAD's cooperation with specific study programmes, such as the Master's programme in International Health at Heidelberg University;
  • is a focal point of the study subjects and research projects of KAAD scholarship holders, whether in Germany or in in-country and third-country studies;
  • shapes KAAD's educational work, the publications of its networks and conferences at home and abroad.

Meeting of the Global Health Expert Group in 2021

The meeting of the Global Health Expert Group took place in 2021 following the digital Annual Convention 2021. The expert group dealt with a highly current and global issue: The different strategies and approaches of the world regions in fighting COVID-19. Hence, a group of 68 scholars and alumni from all continents came together online to discuss the topic “COVID-19 worldwide: One pandemic – different approaches: Practical experiences, initiatives and responses to COVID-19 from around the world”. The online meeting of the expert group allowed alumni to join from their home countries, which greatly enriched the discussion. Many participants are experts in the field of medicine or in related subjects such as microbiology, psychology or public health. However, since the expert group is open to all disciplines, researchers from other disciplines also took part. The expert group was led by Prof. Dr. Walter Bruchhausen (University of Bonn), Miriam Rossmerkel (KAAD) and Dr. Marko Kuhn (KAAD).