Aufgrund der Corona-Pandemie sind sowohl in Deutschland als auch weltweit viele Veranstaltungen des KAAD-Netzwerks abgesagt worden. Viele von uns waren oder sind von nationalen „lockdowns“ oder „confinements“ betroffen. Was dies für die Gesellschaften von Ländern in Lateinamerika, Osteuropa, Afrika, Nahost und Asien bedeutet, kommt in der medialen Berichterstattung noch viel weniger vor, als dies bei westeuropäischen Ländern und den USA der Fall ist. Aber nicht nur in den Ländern mit hohen Zahlen an Infizierten und Toten sind Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft massiv beeinträchtigt. Wir wollen von Stipendiat/innen und Alumni aus verschiedenen Ländern und Regionen des Globus erfahren, wie sich die weltumspannende Krise in ihrem Alltag, ihrer Gesellschaft und Volkswirtschaft auswirkt.

Die Alumni des KAAD-Partnerland Uganda hatten dafür die Idee und haben einen „Call for Contributions“ gestartet. Die Vorsitzende von KASEA Uganda hat daraufhin Beiträge erhalten, die wir hier als erste veröffentlichen.

“Where are we when we don’t have problems? A COVID 19 call to build stronger relationships.
By Dr. Catherine Promise Biira, KASEA Uganda

„COVID 19 containment measures have exposed the veracity of our international alliances, the efficacy of our domestic social security systems and our capabilities for self –reliance. Initially, around the globe, states responded to the pandemic with a knee jerk nationalistic ‘every state for itself’ approach but soon realized that transnational linkages could not just be cut off like a baby’s umbilical cord. (…)“  Read more

COVID 19: Lessons for International Development Cooperation
By: John Kasiita Ssemulema – KASEA Uganda

„The role played by international development cooperation through the various international, bilateral and Non-Governmental Organizations in promoting global diplomacy, trade, health, technology and skills transfer cannot be overemphasized. I am working as Technical Advisor-Climate Changefor the German Development Cooperation (giz). As the world grapples with the devastating impacts of the COVID 19 pandemic, it would be hard to imagine a full recovery of many economies without the intervention of development cooperation agencies. (…)“  Read more

Weitere Beiträge aus Uganda

Caroline Owashaba: COVID-19 and domestic violence against women and girls

„With 90 countries in lockdown, four billion people are now sheltering at home from the global contagion of COVID-19. It’s a protective measure, but it brings another deadly danger. We see a shadow pandemic growing, of violence against women and girls. The COVID-19 pandemic is causing untold human suffering and is likely to heighten gender-based inequalities around the world. (…)“  Read more

Grace Atuhaire: The impact of COVID-19 on International Students

„The reality of COVID-19 to African students living away from home has given a common nostalgic feeling of a desire for a strong sense of community, questioning the role of our embassies and if such an African diaspora community exists or if it does, where is it? (…)“  Read more

Dr. Monica Kansiime: My Experience of COVID-19 Measures and My Coping Measures

„The COVID-19 virus first appeared in the Hubei province of China in December 2019, and by then the realities of it almost looked far off for most of us. Despite its late arrival, the virus rapidly spread across Africa, the news of which were have been received with mixed feelings and perceptions. (…)“  Read more