Cultural Heritage

The diverse cultural heritage in the different regions of the world is an expression of the history and identity of the local people - and at the same time a treasure that is important for all humanity.

KAAD supports the preservation and transmission of physical and non-material cultural assets by promoting multipliers - in the conviction that development also includes the cultural dimensions. This involves, for example, the know-how for the physical reconstruction of cultural heritage in war zones or the transmission of endangered languages.

Cultural heritage has many facets and is reflected in its diversity in the work of KAAD: For example, in the interdisciplinary and transregional Language Expert Group, or in the study subjects and research projects of KAAD scholarship holders in the following exemplary areas:

  • Linguistics - for example, both the exploration and transmission of one's own mother tongue and the teaching of German as a foreign language, the transformation of teaching and learning methods.
  • Architecture and archaeology, e. g. for the preservation of world heritage sites as well as for the development of sustainable tourism.

KAAD's educational work, the publications of its networks as well as conferences at home and abroad also deal with this complex of topics.

Language Expert Group

In the context of the virtual, thematically appropriate Annual Convention "Power and Freedom of Language", the constituent meeting of the newly founded Language Expert Group took place - with 29 participants - which is initially aimed at people from philological and literary study and research areas and would like to offer the linguistic 'biodiversity' in the KAAD community a scientific forum. At this first meeting, the various linguistic backgrounds and areas of interest of the participants were compiled and fields of activity for the expert group were outlined. Among other things, it would like to deal with the ever virulent question of language policy in KAAD and offer a platform for the various languages of KAAD (for example in the form of virtual language cafés). In addition, the expert group will be a forum for the various academic projects of the participants. After this constituent meeting, monthly virtual meetings of this group have taken place since autumn 2021, among other things in preparation for a presentational meeting in March 2022, which in turn is also intended to prepare the expert group meeting at the Annual Convention.



The material cultural heritage in the countries of the Middle East is exposed to constant danger from crises and wars. Many of our scholarship holders, alumni and partners are involved in the care, preservation or reconstruction of architectural monuments in their fields of study or professions.

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