In-country and Third-country Scholarships

KAAD awards scholarships for selected countries, cities and universities


Within the Scholarship Programme 1, scholarships for In-country Master's programmes can be granted in our partner countries Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe.



Students from Myanmar have the possibility to study in Thailand within the framework of a Third-country Scholarship. Currently, this is possible through the Diocese of Regensburg at the Assumption University of Thailand in Bangkok. In addition, with the support of our partner Bettina Kattermann Foundation - Qualification in Public Health Myanmar, we are able to award scholarships to interested students from Myanmar for the Master of Public Health International Program at the Faculty of Public Health, Mahidol University.


Latin America

Scholarships are available for In-country Master's programmes in our partner countries Peru and Guatemala.


Near and Middle East

In Jordan and Lebanon, there is the possibility for applicants to apply for a scholarship for In-country studies at selected universities. In addition, there is the possibility for refugees from Iraq and Syria to apply for a Third-country Scholarship in a host country (Jordan or Lebanon).



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KAAD works with focus and partner countries in your region. Applications are proceeded via our partner committees. Applications from other countries can only be considered in exceptional cases.

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