Overview of all Topics

Focus Areas of KAAD

Common Future in a Just World

For more than 60 years, KAAD has been offering scholarships, educational and networking support to students and young professionals from the Global South so that they can take on leadership roles in the social and cultural development of their countries.

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Care for the Common Home

The care for the common home combined with a global socio-ecological transformation is one of KAAD's fundamental concerns.

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Religions in Dialogue

The fruitful dialogue between members of different religions and denominations is the focus of KAAD's support and alumni work.

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Promotion of Peace and the Common Good

The promotion of peace and the common good is the basic concern of the support and alumni work of KAAD. By supporting change agents, KAAD promotes and strengthens civil society structures, human rights, good governance and leadership, and finally democracies.


Global Health

Health and well-being is one of the central goals for sustainable development. For KAAD and its networks, the thematic field of Global and Public Health is a focus area.

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Cultural Heritage 

The diverse cultural heritage in the different regions of the world is an expression of the history and identity of the local people, and at the same time a treasure that is important for all humanity. By promoting multipliers, KAAD supports the preservation and transmission of physical and non-material cultural assets - in the conviction that development also includes cultural dimensions.

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