KAAD Eastern Europe Programme

Who can apply?

Applicants from all countries of Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus and of Catholic denomination (in exceptional cases also of another Christian denomination, provided they are proposed by Catholic partners).

Who do we support?

  • Postgraduates with a Bachelor's degree who wish to pursue a Master's degree at a German university (max. 24 months). Tuition fees for fee-based Master's degree programmes can be funded in justified exceptional cases.
  • Young academics who are working towards a PhD degree in Germany (max. 36 months)
  • Young academics who are working on a doctorate or habilitation in their home country and are planning a research stay in Germany (up to 12 months)
  • Postgraduates who are planning a research stay or a deepening of existing scientific knowledge in Germany after having completed their examination in their home country or who are planning a non-consecutive postgraduate or supplementary course of study (this also applies to further training for licensed medical practitioners).
  • University teachers who are planning a research stay (up to 6 months) in Germany.
  • Students in Master's programmes in their home country who are planning a study visit (up to 6 months) to collect material at a university in Germany.

Scholarships are awarded for all disciplines (with the exception of theological courses, for this please contact Renovabis).

What do we expect from you?

  • an above-average performance potential for studies or research,
  • orientation of studies or research towards a permanent reintegration into the respective home region (otherwise the scholarship is considered a loan),
  • religious and social commitment or willingness to engage in inter-religious dialogue
  • German language skills of at least level B1 (or at least A2 in the case of English-language degree programmes) for participation in our compulsory educational programme. Preparatory German courses in the home country are expected. In addition, there is the possibility to apply for a language course (full-time or during studies).

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Eastern Europe Department

How to apply?

KAAD has a two-step application procedure. Please fill in the application form.

Online Application

If you are eligible for the second stage of the application process, the necessary application documents will be sent to you. The application deadlines for the second stage are 15 January (March scholarship award) and 30 June (September scholarship award) each year.

So please apply in time!