Since its foundation, the idealistic aspect of support has been the centre and the solid foundation of KAAD's work: this means above all intercultural and interreligious encounters in the medium of university and congregation and building long-term relationships with partner churches through people who build bridges.
In the student educational commission, the scholarship holders exercise their right to participate in planning the content of KAAD's educational work. During the Annual Convention, the members of this commission are elected by their respective regional or continental groups, whereby the individual groups can each send three representatives. Once a year, the representatives of the office, the spiritual advisors, and the President of KAAD meet with the student representatives in the plenum of the Education Commission.
Another point of KAAD's educational work is the regularly held academies and seminars abroad, which are developed by the office in dialogue with the local partners.


Our Seminars

The largest part of the educational programmes offered by KAAD to its scholarship holders is the seminars on development policy and religious topics. At these events, which last several days, the contents that have been worked out within the framework of the educational planning are dealt with by experts from science, politics, society, and the church. Two types of seminars can be distinguished: on the one hand, events with general and interdisciplinary contents, and on the other hand, regional seminars, which deal with topics of the areas of origin of the individual groups of scholarship holders according to the geographical division of KAAD into regional departments.
These seminars characterise our support of the scholarship holders during their study stay in Germany. Together with the scholarship holders, we try to lay the foundations for a successful (professional) reintegration from the very beginning of their scholarship.