KAAD seminar: "Rethinking masculinity"

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From 11 to 14 December, KAAD organized a unique seminar under the direction of Dr Anselm Feldmann: the representatives of our Education Commission had decided that this event was exclusively for men.

The seminar, which took place at the Thomashof in Karlsruhe, was in contrast to other seminars, not aimed at a theoretical discussion of a topic, but at the development of self-awareness of the participants. The aim was to question one's understanding of masculinity and to become aware of socially defined role models of masculinity to be better able to identify, communicate, and live emotions and thus contribute to respectful and loving coexistence in society, family, and partnership.

The pedagogical work was led by Jonathan Kienast from the Men's Welfare Service of the Archdiocese of Freiburg together with Markus Schachtner, high school teacher and dance therapist. Using C. G. Jung's archetypes ͵King', ͵Magician', ͵Warrior' and ͵Lover', different aspects of masculinity were considered and reflected upon. The group - consisting of a total of 17 scholarship holders from Ethiopia, Bolivia, China (Albertus Magnus Programme), Ghana, India, Cambodia, Myanmar, Russia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Uganda, Vietnam, and the Philippines - was joined by a Cusanuswerk scholarship holder from Germany. In the introductory round, each participant tied a leather band to the trunk of a vine as a symbol of the special community in this group. The participants could further experience the multidimensionality of their masculinity through movement, and dance therapy methods and deepen it in discussion rounds that served as a means of reflection. The ethnic diversity of the group was particularly helpful here, as the group discussed different understandings of roles critically but always respectfully. The result was the unanimous opinion of the group that each participant was able to become aware of and critically question the social expectations of masculinity on the one hand and, on the other, that everyone was able to recognize their own masculinity as very complex and thus, in accordance with the title of the seminar, rethink it.

The programme also included a visit to the "Global Family" exhibition at the Badisches Landesmuseum Karlsruhe. The exhibition traces the worldwide family networks of migrants living in Karlsruhe and offered the scholarship holders the opportunity to discuss their understanding of and their 'being' in global family networks and later incorporate this into the group work of the educational workshops. The scholarship holders made good use of the interactive element of the exhibition, visually depicting their family connections on a world map with threads. After a short round of reflection, the participants were able to explore other exhibitions at the Landesmuseum and the fan-shaped historical city of Karlsruhe.

The joint church service led by Father Prof Dr Thomas Eggensperger OP was the spiritual highlight of the seminar. The musical accompaniment with songs from all over the world and the communal experience of communion and prayer deepened the community that grew out of this very special seminar. The seminar will remain a positive memory for the participants for a long time to come. As a souvenir, the scholars took home the leather ribbon they had tied to the vine at the beginning of the seminar.