Return and reintegration: Challenges for international students

Digital | 21.11.2024 - 22.11.2024
Manger:Dr. Nora Kalbarczyk

For KAAD scholarship holders, the period of their studies or doctorate in Germany is only a short period of their professional lives. In terms of cultural and academic challenges, however, it is one of the most intensive phases of life, as complex learning and experience processes are concentrated here. Students have to quickly adapt to a social life that is just as foreign to them as the requirements of the German university system.

The moment they begin to find their feet, it is time to prepare for their professional career and reintegration into their home country, into which their diverse experiences in Germany must be incorporated. This process of reintegration is often associated with greater challenges than the initial phase in Germany.

The workshop would like to offer participants space to talk about their various experiences and also find out how international students perceive the Catholic Church in Germany and whether they have been able to gain spiritual enrichment or inspiration for their future lives in their environment.

In the final step, institutions and actors are introduced that might be important during the various phases of reintegration. In this way, the participants can jointly develop strategies to deal with the planning of their upcoming return and the challenges of reintegration.