Virtual Symposium: The COVID Pandemia and its Impact on Health & Economy of the Philippines

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In observance of National Heroes` Day on August 31st, 2020, the Philippine partner committee of KAAD and the local alumni association KAAD-AKAP organised a virtual symposium entitled “The COVID Pandemia and its Impact on Health & Economy of the Philippines”.

KAAD scholars and alumni worldwide were invited to participate and a considerable number of 160 actually joined the event. Thanks to the professional digital organisation on the Filipino side, a lively exchange and discussion unfolded immersing the participants in the rich programme. After an introductory speech by the Head of the Partner Committee, Dr. Teofilo O. L. San Luis, the representative of the German Embassy in Manila, Anke Reiffenstuel, and our Secretary General, Dr. Hermann Weber, two lectures took place. Anthony C. Leachon, former President of the Philippine College of Physicians, and Sr. Sergio R. Ortiz Luis, Jr., Honorary President of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, spoke on the medical and economic situation in the Philippines and informed about the extent and effects of the pandemic based on current and comprehensive data. This was followed by a lively discussion, which was complemented by presentations by PD Dr. Esther-Maria Guggenmos, KAAD Bonn, on how Germany has been dealing with the pandemic, as well as the current situation reports of the KAAD partner committees in Myanmar, Vietnam and Indonesia. The event was rounded off by the presentation of the KAAD scholarship programme. The annual event of the Philippine partner committee attracts a large number of interested scholarship candidates and took place online for the first time this year. We at KAAD Bonn express our congratulations on this successful digital premiere!