Doctoral studies in Germany: opportunities and pitfalls

Odenthal-Altenberg, Haus Altenberg | 09.12.2024 - 11.12.2024
Manager:Dr. Nora Kalbarczyk


Doctoral studies in Germany are characterised by special features that are unique compared to other countries. These are expressed, for example, in the special relationship between the supervisor and the doctoral candidate, reflected in the term "doctoral father"/"doctoral mother".

For a variety of reasons, the time spent during doctoral studies is also a unique phase that can present PhD candidates with a number of problems, regardless of their background. Nevertheless, the challenges for international doctoral candidates are even greater due to a different cultural context.

This workshop aims to introduce the participants to the history of the doctoral system in Germany and thus into the German science system, as well as to provide a platform for sharing their experiences of doing a doctorate in Germany. What are the challenges of a doctorate, what are the rights of doctoral candidates, and who can they turn to at their university if they have problems?