Expert Groups

Peace and Justice Expert Group

The Peace and Justice Expert Group has its origins in Latin America and also realises the majority of its projects there. For example, it has joined the virtual lecture series "Cátedra Colombiana Permanente" at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Bogota with the title "Ciudadanía, Integridad y Lucha contra la Corrupción". Alumni from various countries have already appeared as speakers. As one of the coordinators of the group, the lawyer Dr. Ana Maria Bonet has asked the KAAD community in Latin America to contribute to a series of publications on the topic of "COVID-19 as a social challenge". The first papers have already been published by the Universidad Católica de Santa Fe (UCSF) and the project will continue this year.

At the likewise virtual meeting of the expert group following the Annual Convention, scholarship holders from other continents and from the Cusanuswerk joined the group, that was moderated by Dr. Thomas Krüggeler (KAAD). A total of 22 students took part in the event. Lectures and discussions at this meeting were held in Spanish and German. Four scholarship holders presented aspects of their social science doctoral projects and were open to criticism from the participants.